Friday, November 15, 2013

What's in your Marinade?

What's in your Marinade?  
Let me briefly share an analogy shared by John Bytheway. He tells of having a conversation with a Hollywood actor who left the industry and shared with him the wisdom he was taught by a mentor.

"You will eventually become what you surround yourself with." 

Whether we realize it or not, whether we believe it or not, we are all marinading in something!
All of us are the product of the elements to which we are exposed. In other words, we become, what we surround ourselves with.

Everything has an influence on us.  Some heavy, some light, but everything has an influence on us.

We would like to be heavily influenced by the things of God and lightly influenced by the things of the world, yet too many of us spend minutes in the the scriptures and hours watching TV or Surfing the Internet.  The wisdom of ages past have validated time and again that happiness is the result of a life well lived.  A life that seeks the spiritual and is unselfish. 
We do not need to look far to see the unhappiness of those who have become self-absorbed living unholy lifestyles.

As we begin a new year, take a few moments to assess your level of joy and happiness.  Then write down how you spend your time both with what you do and what you think about.  What are you reading, watching, and thinking about.  In essence, what are you marinading yourself in?  What is swirling around your spirit? Anger, worry, frustration
s, or regrets? Is your entertainment (books, media) uplifting, inspiring and spiritually satisfying or are you agitated by violence, lustful or mean-spirited humor that has become part of your life? 

And while most of us do not have the ability to completely dissociate from the barbs of Babylon, we do have the ability to continually seek the spirit and the good.  It will however take a conscious decision to do so.  The downward path is at first easier but it does not bring lasting joy.

So ask yourself, what is in the marinade of your life?  Sweet and Savory or Bitter?
Kyle Christensen, DC, ND, MH 

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