Friday, November 15, 2013

What Should I Do?

What Should I Do?
     I talk to a lot of people about their health. Sometimes the individual is open to suggestions, while others want to negotiate with any changes that may be recommended. I have discovered that I am far more successful in helping someone if I can alert them to the wisdom of their inner voice or conscience.

Let me explain. Each of us have within us an inner voice or conscience. I have found, as many of you, that the impressions and promptings from within is literally the voice of God. Now, before you roll your eyes and click away, hear me out.
I am not talking about voices in the head such as heard by the paranoid schizophrenic or the guilt programmed into you by a screwed up parent. What I speak of is subtle and quiet. These feeling or impressions seem to be heard only by those with pure intent to do what is right. Those who open their hearts and mind to the spiritual will discover there is a whole world of experience that awaits them. It is a realm that does not care about money and acquiring glamor, glitz and material things. When you step on to this path, you soon realize it truly is the road less traveled. And for good reason, it is steep and difficult. However, the vistas are breathtaking and the climb is exhilarating.
Well, enough with the esoteric, let talk about nuts and bolts of how this works.
When posed with a question or a challenge, if you ask a specific question, you are entitled to an answer. There is a reason scripture tells us to ASK, so we can receive. For those new to this process, you may be filled with self doubt and have difficulty discerning whether what you feel is coming from a divine source or from the general confusion, chatter or fears of your mind. Let me assure you, this is a process and a skill that you learn and is honed and refined with practice.
I have my patients begin with the simple question, as it relates to their health, "What Should I Do?" Most often, something will flash in to your mind almost before you finish the question. Many will instantly find themselves talking themselves out of those first impressions. "Oh, I don't want to do that", "That will not be convenient with my schedule", etc. It is only when you take this seriously, that you will discover how right on these answers are.
Have you ever felt impressed to do something or to NOT do something and not followed the impression, realizing afterward that "something warned me against that". This inner voice is never wrong. Let me say that again, these spiritual prompting are right 100% of the time. Test it. Try it. It requires brutal honesty and integrity, the likes of which not many have. But for those of you who are tired of the gimmicks and the games. The marketing and the media that is vying for your attention and money. This path truly is the one to follow. If you want the truth and have finally learned that quick results, fast money and beauty with weight loss in 6 shorts weeks is the scam that it really is, then you may have the maturity it takes for this.
Often a prompting or impression will put you on the path to discover the answer. You may feel, I need to call or visit this person. Once advice is given, you will feel in your heart - this feels right or no, this doesn't feel right. You will develop an intuitive sense that with time will be trusted. Again, this takes practice. Don't expect to be right every time at first. Get on the path and begin learning to listen.
So give it a try. Ask yourself, What Should I Do? Don't filter, judge or rationalize away the answer. Trust your inner wisdom, this inner voice and set yourself to work.
Dr. Kyle Christensen
 August 2012

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