Friday, November 15, 2013

We Need Grandmas!

   We Need   

What we really need, and I'm being serious here, is grandmas. Hear me out on this. In years gone by, when someone was sick, injured or had contracted a disease, professionally trained doctors were not always available. As a result, people had to take it upon themselves for the vast majority of health related problems. This care typically fell into the hands of those who were the most compassionate, patient, experienced and no nonsense individuals. Who could that be? You guessed it - Grandma! With a lifetime of experience, grandma (not all grandma's but many) seemed to have a remedy for just about everything.

As years and technology pressed itself upon us, established authority, using tactics of fear and intimidation, began to undermine the confidence of many of the tried and true remedies of the past. Most of our mothers were conditioned to take their kids to the doctor for a myriad of conditions that in times past were simply treated at home. As a result, constant and insistent drumming of the marketing of inferior and convenient foods and drugs, the health of our nation is in poor shape. Those who are in positions of authority are driven by deep pockets urging, even demanding, the prescribed course of treatment, which is usually a drug. While there are many in the medical field who are sincere in their intent to truly do what is best for the patient, the system truly is broken.

I have seen some significant positive changes in the nearly 30 years I have been in practice as a chiropractic physician, but the greed/profit motives behind so many powerful organizations (medical, insurance, pharmaceutical, government and food processing companies) are corrupt and I am afraid beyond reform.

So this is where you come in. If you're a grandma, GREAT! If you are not, but you love a grandma, then you also qualify. We need to learn as much as we can to take care of those we love. We are not inviting you or even encouraging you to get involved in HEROIC Medicine. When a life is at risk or teetering on the brink, heroic medicine is truly in order. Get them to the emergency room for the lifesaving care that they may need. What you want to be is an UN-HERO. Someone who takes care of minor problems. Those aches and pains, those minor injuries - the bumps and bruises. The fleeting digestive pain. The fatigue, the blues and 'I just don't feel good' syndromes. By taking care of the uneventful and mundane, little problems can be turned around before they become big problems. You can avert the crisis that needs a siren and catastrophic insurance reimbursement.

We need Grandmas. We need your love, your wisdom and your no nonsense approach to life. You're life has not been an easy one. You've been there, done that and truly learned from the school of hard knocks. We need you learn natural home remedies. Remedies from your kitchen and from your garden. We need you to learn to put your compassion and heart into your healing hands. And then, we need you to teach your children and grandchildren, so they can become the grandmas of the next generation. The world is not going to get better without you. If you feel at all called to this work, please take it seriously. I am convinced that the world cannot be saved without grandma.

To help you in this endeavor, we are scheduling a series of classes on Healing at Home. These classes will include the following:

1) Cold Laser Therapy at Home

2) Allergy Elimination at Home

3) Releasing Trapped Emotions and other Stuff that needs to be gone.

4) Healing and Health with Herbs

5) Healing in the Kitchen - What to buy, store, eat and how to make it.

We will give you more information and workshop dates in the near future.


Dr. Kyle Christensen
May 2012

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