Friday, November 15, 2013

Are You Listening?

Are You Listening?
 It is no secret that most of us (all of us?) are not doing everything that we should be doing for our health and happiness. We know we should be eating better.  We know we should be exercising more.  We know we should be getting more sleep at night.  We know we should spend more time with those we love and less time on the computer or in front of the TV.  We also know that we don't have enough time to do everything we ought to be doing.  As a result, too many of us shut down in one way or another because the enormity of life can be overwhelming. 

You will be prompted to read a certain article or to take a certain supplement (hopefully one of Western Botanicals').  You may be told to purchase something very specific that you may not understand why at the time.  Like the time my wife was persistently prompted buy cloth diapers. She couldn't get it out of her heart and mind until it was done.  Or last week, I felt prompted to share some Christmas harp sheet music with a neighbor learning to play the harp.
Let me share with you a secret I have learned. And like many of life's secrets, it is one of those that stares us in the face each day, but too often we don't see it.  The secret is listening.  Of course, we all have many things competing for our attention.  The pounding blare of the marketing and advertising machines persistently drums their repetitive beat to the point that it slips past our consciousness into the subconscious sewing seeds of wants and desires.  When I speak of listening, I am not suggesting that you need to isolate yourself from the chaos of the world so that you can, in a deep meditative state, seek the mind and will of God.  Honestly, it is not that difficult. 

What I suggest is simply asking a very basic question.  The question is "WHAT SHOULD I DO?" Now this question can be modified to "What should I do for my health?". "What should I do for my relationship?" "Who should I call or visit this week?" When a question such as one of these is asked, an answer will almost always immediately pop into your mind.  All you need to do is that one thing.  Don't expect a long complex answer with many contingencies or secondary plans.  The secret is to listen to the first thing that comes to your mind and then act on that thing.  It does not matter whether you believe this is coming from your subconscious, from God or from your heart.  What matters is the message you receive is going to be accurate and beneficial. 

There is one caveat that you should be aware of, while the information you receive will be beneficial to your life, you will often be told to do difficult things. You will be told to forgive and let go of past offenses.  You will be told to call or visit someone when it may be inconvenient.  You will be told to go to bed earlier.  You will be told to not eat that doughnut or to give the bigger piece of pie to the kid next door. 
You will know that the message is true because it will return and won't be just a fleeting thought.  The more you act on these prompting or feelings, the more clear they will become. However, if you repeatedly fail to act on these impressions, they will grow quieter until they are no longer easily felt.  

This I can promise you.  As you ask simple questions and act on the answers you receive, you will begin to enjoy better health, better relationships and truly a better life. Take it just one question at a time.  Then LISTEN and act. 

Dr. Kyle Christensen - November 2011  

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