Friday, November 15, 2013

One Mind, One Heart

     The prophet Enoch (just prior to the flood of Noah), established a city that became a refuge for those trying to escape from the violence and wickedness that preceded the flood for which Noah was preparing.  According to ancient writings and judeochristian lore, these followers of Enoch built a city of righteousness which became known as Zion. 
     There is a phrase used to describe these people.  It is said that they were of ONE HEART and ONE MIND.  As I have pondered this phrase, I initially understood it to mean that they were basically all on the same page or they were all in agreement.  But there is more. 
     The MIND is symbolic of our reasoning and our intellect.  When decisions are made with your mind, they follow logic and seem to make sense. The HEART is symbolic of emotion, spirit and morals.  You can be told to follow your heart which suggests that there may be a higher or more spiritual truth that can defy logic or reason.
    So many of us have learned that the mind can too easily be deceived or manipulated.  Remember when a photograph was considered valid evidence.  Now with computers and technology, images and truths can be altered and changed to misrepresent or suggest almost anything.  Often what is presented as truth and fact, even if it makes logical sense, can turn out to be misleading, false and with ulterior motives.   For example, I remember when welfare checks were renamed "entitlement checks" - boy, that sends a message doesn't it. 
     My point here is that while we must continue to study and learn, the mind alone is not the best way to make decisions.  We can be influenced - not always for our best interest.  Isn't that what marketing and advertizing is all about? - To create a desire or need for something that you don't necessarily really want, need or can afford.
   Being of ONE HEART and ONE MIND is something to strive for not only with our relationships, but also within each of us.  Yes, our decisions need to make sense, but even more importantly, they need to feel right.  During the course of treatment with my patients, we often will discuss treatment options with an emphasis that our course of action needs to feel right.  Don't take my word or anyone elses! - Listen to your heart. 
    Understand that when you listen to your heart, you are listening to feelings or your conscious.  That inner voice that always speaks truth.  Stephen Covey taught that we need to "Listen to and Obey our Conscience."  This is true.  As we tune our minds to our hearts, we can hear the voice of God.  It is not a matter of the mind and heart coming to some sort of compromise.  Rather, it is the physical (the Mind) submitting and becoming subjective to the spiritual (the Heart).  This is the path.  This is the way of the ancient sages and masters.  This is the way to truth and happiness.  As you strive to tune your mind to the frequency of your heart, your life's journey will open to more joy, greater purpose and deeper meaning.  You will discover the mystery of happiness that has alluded so many in life.  That mystery is selfless service - blessing and enriching the lives of others. 
   It is easy for me to just say it and spell it out for you, but I know these words will hold no value and meaning until you climb on to this spiritual path.  For you see, this path of happiness, defies all reason and logic.  You cannot wrap your MIND around it, you can only open your HEART to it.


Dr. Kyle Christensen
February 25, 2013

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