Friday, November 15, 2013

Healing @ Home: Getting Started

 Healing @ Home 
Getting Started 
   In this rapidly changing world, many of you are feeling drawn to more natural method of improving health.  Some have become increasingly frustrated with the traditional methodology of drug based medicine. While others quite simply and honestly cannot afford the escalating costs associated with getting and staying healthy. 
  Truly there is a difference between managing symptoms and rebuilding health. We know within our hearts that the body has the ability to heal itself, if you can remove the interfering factors and provide the body with the tools or nutrients to restore the body to health.
  Our Healing @ Home workshops and manuals are designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge so that you can assist those within the circle of your influence to better health and less pain.
 True health is more than the absence of disease.  Achieving health must incorporate the physical as well as mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. And truth be told, it really all boils down to balancing the spiritual with the physical. For those of us who are striving to conduct our lives as followers of Christ, we understand that forgiveness (letting go) and repentance (changing the heart) are integral in both our physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery.  And perhaps, recovery is the appropriate word, as we are trying to come back to who we once were, or who we really are (in a pre-existent sense).
  It is important to learn from as many diverse sources as you can.  Because each of us are unique, we all have something different to offer.  I certainly do not have all of the answers, nor do others.  But as we each search for truth, we can build and strengthen our ability to help ourselves as well as others.


Dr. Kyle Christensen
April 18, 2013

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