Friday, November 15, 2013

Getting Ready

Getting Ready
  My message today will be brief and to the point. 
The world in which we live is rapidly changing.  As a result, we can either chose to grow, develop and change preparing for a wonderful new era or unwisely hang on to the past ways.

I admonish each of us to listen intently to that inner voice and have the courage to follow.  Those sometimes nagging impressions we receive could very well be the voice of God urging us into new directions and avenues of safety.

If you feel drawn at all to a more natural approach of assisting those within your circle of influence, I would recommend you consider one or more of the classes we offer.  I feel quite strongly that we should learn and practice as much as we can with improving our health and the health of those we love. 

As we begin to take control of our health by understanding how a healthy body should truly function, we will be better able to see through the empty promises of quick fixes and unsound diets and practices. 

I promise you that God did not error in the design and function of our bodies.  When science, philosophy and medicine seem to preach doctrine that is contrary to scriptural truths, understand that like so many of the politicians of today, statistic and facts are twisted and manipulated to persuade and lure you on to their paths.

As we truly learn to listen, we can be drawn in directions that will bring health, peace and safety.

Dr. Kyle Christensen
 September 7, 2012

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