Friday, November 15, 2013

We're All In This Together

 We're All In This Together
While none of us can see into the future, we can see, all too well, that we may be headed for some significant changes. It seems that we live in a culture that is more obsessed with who is right, rather than what is right. Who gets the credit or the blame rather than what is really happening.  It can seem that far more energy is going in to dividing us (as a people) and putting us at odds with each other than uniting us. 

The American way can seem to be more competitive than cooperative.  Even when we engage in a cooperative effort, it seems that fingers of accusation get pointed that this person isn't doing enough or that person is doing too much.

Each of us has different strengths and abilities.  Many are more capable than others.  Each of us should be actively engaged in doing what we can regardless of others.  If you have been blessed with an intelligent mind and a strong back, I believe that you can expect more from yourself than someone who has not been likewise blessed.   
Unfortunately, our culture and society, through entitlement programs, have trained far too much of the populace to expect benefits for little or no effort on their part.  When people are taught that they can enjoy a free benefit or service, they are conditioned that their best effort is not necessary.  Most creatures, by nature, are minimalist.  We will do 'just enough' and not much more.  If sloppy half hearted efforts are deemed acceptable, then that will be the result.  Too many have been insulated from the consequences of mediocrity.  
America was founded upon greatness.  We are a country of independent thinking and acting individuals, who can take an idea and through hard work, creativity and dedication build something that is truly exceptional.  We are innovators and explorers.  We have the ability to rally others to support a worthy cause.  Because of the foundation of freedom laid by others before us, we are not only free from outside oppression, but free to become what we may feel motivated and inspired to be.
We are free to choose personal liberty by exercising good choices or personal captivity by making choices that can enslave us with things such as addiction, debt and vice. While many of our liberties and freedoms are being encroached upon through legislation, we must understand that there are enough freedoms that we can still choose our course in life. An individual can still make a difference.
We are entering into an era where we must become more connected to each other.  We must look to the needs of others and lend a hand of friendship and support. We are all in this together and every man, woman, and child has a part to play. May God give us the strength and the ability and the determination to play our part well.


Dr. Kyle Christensen
 February 2012

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