Friday, November 15, 2013

Renewing Your Body

  Renewing Your Body 
Diet and body image are so very personal. On one hand, we do not like to be told what to eat.  Generally, people like to eat what they like to eat because that is what they like to eat.  Telling someone to eat more fruit and vegetables, when that is not what they like is well - distasteful.  Likewise, most people are very body image conscious. We see the flaws and imperfections of our bodies and can be embarrassed and very self-conscious of what others may think or say.  Hollywood and magazine covers promote unrealistic images of youth and health that are often ridiculous. 

It is not my objective to make everyone eat an optimal healthy diet.  I learned long ago, that people will only change when they are motivated from within.  I guess, the question is what is going to motivate you, if changes are necessary.

The world in which we are living is rapidly changing.  It is the opinion of a growing number of us that the time to get healthy is NOW.  As political powers continue to denigrate our lives, I fear that those who have not taken control of their health may suffer dire consequences.

The objective must be health, rather than "I want to lose weight".  I have seen far too many people, in their effort to lose weight, also lose their health.  These extreme diets that promote rapid weight loss also result in rapid health loss.  The HCG diet that is now popular is one of the worst, most health damaging program I've seen in many years.  And you are almost sure to rebound back to a higher weight than when you started.

So let me share with you how to gain health.  It is simple but not necessarily easy.  And this simple secret is also the key to how you should live your entire life.  Here it is:  Listen to and obey your inner voice or conscience. That's it.  Begin by asking yourself this question. "What should I do for my health?"
Write down you impressions and then do it.  As you proceed, you will be guided and directed in ways that will restore and build your health.  As you gain health, you will find yourself losing weight, if that is what you need.  Many are directed to get more sleep. This is an important key for a strong immune system as well as losing weight. Many are guided to begin walking with a friend.  This will help to develop friendships and fitness.  Of course, what goes into your mouth is also important.  But the key to all of this is asking questions, listening within for answers and obeying those spiritual promptings.

Admittedly it takes honesty and a commitment to follow and obey this inner voice, but it will lead you down the path of health and happiness. 


Dr. Kyle Christensen

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