Friday, November 15, 2013

Cold Laser Therapy at Home!

Cold Laser Therapy
 at Home!

 Several months ago, I attended a seminar on Cold Laser Therapy.  I was impressed with the technology and the volume of research and literature that supported the effectiveness of using cold lasers therapeutically.  This seminar reinforced a few different concepts.  1) The cold laser therapy, for which the research supports, must be within specific  frequencies.  Your typical laser pointer will not do, and 2) effective and optimal treatment requires frequent sessions.  It was pointed out, which kind of ticked me off, that the main purpose of  
purchasing a cold laser machine was for the use of the doctor and their family, because the greatest benefits necessitated daily use.  "So buy the machine to use in your clinic, charge your patients, and they in essence will pay for your use of the machine, but they won't realize the full benefit, because they can't afford to use it as much as we recommend."

Even so, I was still intrigued enough with the machine that I considered purchasing it, even though the $15,000 price tag was staggering.  ($12,000 if you purchased within two weeks of the seminar).  I even went so far as calling the sales rep, but she never got back to me.  Turns out to be a blessing.

A few weeks later, I was at another seminar.  This one for acupuncture.  During the course of the seminar, the doctor who was instructing, mentioned the use of a cold laser for acupuncture treatment if you chose not to use needles.  The frequency turns out to be the same frequency as the $15,000 machine.  He commented that some people get sucked in to paying a lot of money for a big fancy machine that produces the exact same laser as his little handheld device.  Forty Bucks! for handheld laser.  And you know what?  It works.  I found that when I applied the techniques taught in the one seminar with the laser from the acupuncture guy, I got great results. I don't think the body cares whether the laser frequency comes for a $40 piece of equipment or a $15,000 fancy monstrosity.  If it's the same light, it works the same.  Personally, I'm happy to sacrifice the fancy stand and timers, etc. for the money saved.

So here's my plan.  These cold lasers really seem to work for reducing pain, inflammation and helping many other health issues.  I am offering to teach some of you how to use this therapy so you can do this on yourself, family and friends at home.  
I am planning on teaching a series of classes on Healing at Home.  These classes will include the following:
1) Cold Laser Therapy at Home
2) Allergy Elimination  
3) Releasing Trapped Emotions and other Stuff that needs to be gone.
4) Healing and Health with Herbs
5) Healing in the Kitchen - What to buy, store, eat and how to make it.

Dr. Kyle Christensen
01 MAY 2012


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    1. For $40 this laser can't be beat! There are a lot of great lasers out there that can really help. But most people cannot or will not spend $600. or $679 as this one is advertized.

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  3. Thanks for the nice post. Do you know about ?? B-CURE LASER LLLT-808 - a breakthrough in soft laser therapy for efficient treatment of pain, wounds, burns, sports injuries, inflammation, acne, and laser therapy.

  4. Thanks for the nice post. Do you know about?? B-CURE LASER LLLT-808 - a breakthrough in soft laser therapy.It is the first portable soft laser device in the world with the healing power equal to that of a full-sized, stationary, expensive soft-laser machines used only in hospitals and prestigious care facilities.

  5. Interesting article! Can you please provide more details around the $40 cold laser (name and/or where o purchase) and maybe an update our your thoughts regarding this therapy 3 years later? Thanks!

  6. Our patients continue to have great success using the cold laser at home. The lasers we sell are 635nm with less than 5mW of energy. You can purchase them through us. 801-360-0749 or from Laser
    I still get stories and comments nearly every week on peoples successes. One treatment a week in a doctors office is not nearly as effective as 5 or 6 times per day at home.

  7. How do you use it? I would love to learn about this!

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  10. Is there a return policy if not satisfied with any products? Specifically the laser pen. Thank you!