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Being the Grandma

Being the Grandma
 So your 15 year-old comes home from school on a Thursday with a nasty cough.  She has also got a temperature (cheeks are red and flushed) and clearly doesn't feel good.  She is on the verge of tears and is upset about something that's being going on at school during the week.

So you put on your Grandma and set to work.  You give her a hug, tell her that you love her and that you'll take good care of her. She knows you will because that's what you always do.

She goes on to tell you that it hurts to swallow and several of her friends are already on antibiotics for strep throat.  She really wants to go to the dance on Saturday night, so she needs you to get her better really fast.

Remember, your job is to be the un-hero.  She doesn't need emergency medical care but if neglected or treated improperly this condition could worsen to the point that medical intervention may be necessary.

Using the model we have established with our Healing @ Home workshops, we could do the following:

We want to boost her immune system so that her body can fight whatever is going on.  The body can fight infection faster and more effectively than any drug or supplement, so we want to support the body's own natural processes.
1) Use an immune boosting formula such as Immune Boost or Anti-Plague Syrup.  I recommend this every waking hour. 
2) For the sore throat, mix 1/8 tsp of cayenne pepper with 1 TBS of raw honey.  It is hot, but very soothing.  This can be done every three hours or as needed.
3) We want to flush the impurities from the body, so she will be drinking a lot (meaning 6 to 8 cups) of tea before she goes to bed for the night.  Yes, she'll have to pee a lot, but that is what we want.  Choose yarrow (doesn't taste good, but very effective), peppermint or chamomile.  The key is to drink a lot. You recently purchased a French Press to make you tea, so it is easy to use tea purchased in bulk.

Cold Laser 
1) Use the laser directly in the mouth shining the beam to the back of the sore throat.  The laser will increase the hydrogen peroxide within the cells and have an anti-bacterial effect.
2) Use the acupuncture protocol in the Cold Laser Manual for Immune System and Cough.  Treat these points 3 times daily.  Ten seconds on each point.

Allergy Elimination 
Perform the Allergy Elimination procedure for Virus and Bacteria.  This can be done by having her spit into a jar or plastic baggy, sealing it and using that as your treatment vial.  As she holds in her hand the virus or bacteria contained within the jar or baggy, you will balance the acupuncture meridians by rubbing the acupoints described within the manual. Her body will recognize these pathogens for what they are and mount a greater defense.

Emotions, Energy & Angels 
Emotions trapped or buried alive never dies, but have a direct effect on our health and how our immune system functions.  With a muscle test you can determine if there are trapped emotions that are influencing your daughters health.  Specific emotions can be identified using the chart in the manual or you can ask if there are multiple layers of emotions (how many layers and how many emotions within those layers).  The treatment is performed by stroking the magnet down her spine.  I will ask the body how many times or you can just do it until you feel complete. Since you didn't want to fork out $150 for the ultra super fancy Mag-Roller like the one Dr. Christensen uses, the $5 cow magnet works just as well.

From an Energy stand point, you have already used the cold laser on the acupuncture points as well as rubbed the acupoints with the allergy elimination.  I think you are covered pretty well there. Be sure you are sending prayers of love, gratitude, healing and safety. There is great power with an intentional blessing with the "laying on of hands" in the Christian sense as described in the Bible.

Finally, you ask, in prayer for the Lord to guide your daughters angels (yes we all have guardian angels, and yes they are real) to direct her healing.  Ask for inspiration and guidance.  It is our belief that her recovery will be speedy and complete, unless she is "appointed unto death", meaning it is her time, the Lord wants her to come home and nothing you can do will alter that.

Healing from the Kitchen 
Two nights ago, you had a roasted chicken for dinner and since that time, the bones have been simmering in the crock pot.  You have a rich bone broth that is ready to be used. For those of you not as conveniently prepared, you certainly have bone broth previously made in the fridge (keeps for 4 weeks) or in the freezer (keeps for 6 months).  With the bone broth, you made chicken noodle soup.  We go extra heavy with the fresh garlic and ginger.  Potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, thyme, sage, sea salt round out the recipe.  You add noodles at the end which thickens the soup up and because you know she likes those silly alphabet noodles she used to spell words with on her spoon.  This gives her comfort and makes her feel loved.

She is put to rest (not in the sense that she is dead, but made comfortable in bed).  Quiet, peaceful and lovely music is played - what she calls her Sunday Music.  TV and Videos are not an option, because you know the spirit that attends those is not always conducive to healing. 

By the next morning she is feeling significantly improved.  She stays home from school because you know that even though she says she feels better and has a test she needs to take, she could easily relapse if pushed too hard.  You keep up all the therapies and since she feels better, she can do some of them on her own.  You see, she is a grandma in training. 

By Saturday morning, she is completely well and is feeling cabin fever wanting to go out with her friends.  You strike a deal with her, continue with the treatments (herbal, cold laser, allergy, emotions, angels and chicken soup) and she can go to the dance with her friends.

So there you have it.  Does this seem like a lot of work?  Of course it does, and it is, but her recovery is complete. The key with this whole process is you are being guided by your intuition and spiritual prompting.  I know I will get asked, "Do I need to do everything?!".  The answer is, you need to be willing to do everything and more.  Remember you are the Grandma (or Grandpa) and you are willing to do whatever it takes.  You understand that life is not convenient and sometimes plans get cancelled or changed.  You are here to help and serve, to bless and care for, to teach and train by example. 

I hope this was helpful.  If you have not yet taken all of our classes, please consider doing so if you feel prompted or inspired to.

Dr. Kyle Christensen
 September 25, 2012

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