Monday, May 22, 2017

Spiritual Creation

 Spiritual Creation

We learn from the scriptures that God created everything spiritually before things were created physically. "And God said - "Let there be light, and then there was light". This is the established pattern. I have discovered that our health issues and challenges also follow this pattern.  Our illnesses, diseases and even injuries are created first spiritually, before they are manifest physically. 

Our goal in health care is not to simply make you feel better. We want you to be better. This may require that the spiritual undercurrents be addressed and resolved as well.  For many however, "that is too much work, can't I just take something for it?". Our whole culture seems to thrive on facades and appearances.  Cheaply designed and constructed buildings have the appearance of being built with sturdy stone and hefty beams. Your health, if it will be lasting, cannot be built upon anything other than rock solid foundation of true and eternal principles.

We have found that happiness and joy do much more for your health than taking a bunch of supplements or medications. Consider that an important key to health is joy and a vital key to experiencing joy is expressing gratitude.  When expressing gratitude becomes a habit, joy is the result - regardless of our circumstances.  Too many of us are locked into the false paradigm that happiness and joy are the result of what is going on in our life - NOT TRUE! Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. (truly or falsely attributed to Abraham Lincoln)

I have a couple of suggestion for those of you that are truly interested in healing body, mind and spirit.

Book: Healing begins with Sanctification of the Heart, written by an orthopedic surgeon in Zimbabwe, Michelle Strydom, MD. This free download is excellent and can be copied by a local printer. My first copy cost me $50 to print and bind. Since then we have found a printer who will print and bind it for us (because he's printing 50-100 copies) for $16 (that includes tax). Which is phenomenal for a 750 page book.  Our supplies are limited, so if you are interested in this give us a call right away. She allows her book to be copied provided no one makes a profit. So what you pay is our cost.

Book: Power to Praise by Merlin Carothers. This excellent little volume teaches how praising the Lord can change your life and bring joy into your heart and life. Normal retail is $9. We purchased a large quantity at a discount and are selling them for $5 per copy.


Dr Kyle Christensen - May 2017

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