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Spiritual Properties of Wood

Spiritual Properties of Wood

Our Gua Sha tools are handcrafted by Dr. Kyle Christensen from hardwoods. Different woods resonate with spiritual properties to enhance your healing experience. Most people after handling a few gua sha tools will feel drawn to one more than the others.

The ash tree and its wood help instill peace of mind and good health. It contains the qualities of reliability, faithfulness and loyalty. Craftsmen love this wood for its strength and versatility. It is often used for structural framing in furniture. The ash tree is associated with water. Removes blockages that interfere with the flow of words and knowledge. Thus aiding with communication and learning. Ash is the wood of the poet and scholar. Protects against unwanted change. Assists with spiritual love and health. Ash carries the qualities of ambition, trustworthiness, faithfulness. Ash is peace of mind and promotes good health.
Wood Hardness – 1320

Bloodwood is a cool wood, being dark and lovely. Bloodwood represents life, and is said to aid in healing. Some believe that bloodwood can reveal secrets of ancient worlds, as well as help you to accept the understanding of this knowledge. Bloodwood is a very powerful wood. Amplification, focus, divination, strength and healing are all properties of bloodwood.
Wood Hardness – 2900

The maple tree provides many gifts to us. Its hard and durable wood is so tough that it’s used for bowling alley floors! Maple bestows the spiritual lessons of change, communication, and even rebelliousness. Known as a traveler’s wood, maple will have you adapting, learning and growing in many ways. Maple is somewhat rebellious and tough.  It holds the qualities of creation, communication, binding, revolution, rebirth, healing, beauty, art, and abundance.  It enhances intellectual pursuits and learning. Maple is the tree of offering, giving of one's self so that others may benefit that are useful in the prevention and treatment of disease.
Wood Hardness – 1450

“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow” goes the quote. This tree inspires us to be strong in body, mind and spirit. It is a sacred and revered tree representing endurance, power, protection and authority. No wonder this hardwood is so popular for furniture. Its energy truly stands the test of time. Sacred to the druids, Oak is a masculine wood, ideal for use in tools. Oak stands for wisdom, authority, endurance, strength and protection. Oak's power is often used to amplify power, intent, and endurance. Oak is one of the most sacred trees. It carries the energy of kingship and wise rule, personal sovereignty, authority, power, protection, sealing or opening doors, endurance, and invocation of wisdom, fertility, and abundance.  Oak teaches us strength of character and how to keep our bodies strong and healthy.
Red Oak/ White Oak Wood Hardness – 1290/1360

Purpleheart is a spiritual wood.  It enhances energy dealing with creativity and knowledge.  One of the best woods when dealing with spiritual healing and health issues, as well as knowledge and protection. Purpleheart would be especially useful in eradicating the negative energies that create strife in the home. When first cut it is often brown.  It does not achieve its full purple color until exposed to sunlight.  However, too much exposure darkens the wood and it looses its richness. Grows in Central & South America
Wood Hardness – 2710

Rosewood has compassionate and loving heart qualities.  The energy of rosewood is primarily feminine, and focused on spiritual, intuitive health and beauty.  It is spiritual and nourishing.  Rosewood is especially effective in spiritual healing.  Spirituality, love, healing, change and blocking unwanted forces are benefits of rosewood.
Rosewood Wood Hardness – 1900-3200

The walnut tree and its wood help us with our mental gifts. Even the walnuts themselves resemble little brains! Intelligence, wisdom and inspiration all come under its realm. It has also been said that Black Walnut contains medicinal properties. Walnut holds the powers of the breath and inspiration. Symbolic of confidence and mental wisdom.  Black Walnut wood has medicinal properties that are useful in the prevention and treatment of disease. Walnut teaches us clarity and focus, using our mental gifts wisely and how to best use our intelligence.
Black Walnut Wood Hardness – 1010

Wenge is not only a beautiful wood to look at, but also a wonderful magical tool. It possesses a very relaxed energy, encouraging slow, even thought. It is the perfect tool for meditation, especially for those who have trouble slowing their thoughts. It is also a healing wood, useful for a variety of physical as well and emotional healing applications. It would also calm the temper and encourage learning.
Known for increasing focus, wisdom, protection, healing and blocking unwanted forces.
Wood Hardness – 1630

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