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Tried & True herbal Remedies

  Tried and True Herbal Remedies
One of the great blessings of growing older is the experience you gain. Particularly if you have stuck to something for a long time. One of my greatest motivations has been failure. It really bugs me when something doesn't work. As a result, I search and learn and try again, and again and again. And over time, end up with things that are truly satisfying. So has it been with herbal remedies. Beginning with a remedy that works well and thenimproving upon it. I have been blessed with 30 years of working with wonderful people who have been willing to "try" what I give them. As they report back, remedies have been refined and improved. Are they perfect for every person? Not necessarily, but they are pretty darn good and wildly successful for relieving and healing most people.

As times continue to grow increasingly turbulent, many have found value in making and using their own herbal remedies. A year ago, I set a goal to have 500 gallons of herbal remedies through out the valley. Many of you have risen with this goal and now have your own herbal remedies at home. I am happy to say this goal has been exceeded. You have found that by making your own remedies by the half gallon, your cost is about 10% of what you would pay for the same (often inferior) product at the health food store.

We are offering again our Remedy Workshops. Come to my home, roll up your sleeves, turn on the blender and make for yourself Fast, Effective and potent herbal remedies. Your cost is just that of the materials and supplies. In the process, you will learn how to make these remedies on your own. You will be blessed with the assurance that you can assist those in your care for by helping issues and problems before they get out of hand. Workshop includes the herbs, jars, strainers, oils and tincturing materials - everything you need for each remedy. (Please bring a BlendTech or Vita-Mix blender if you have one).
We get you started - however, most remedies you will finish at home. (for example, with our tinctures - you need to shake them daily for 2 weeks before they are ready to strain and finish).

YOU MUST RSVP so will know we have adequate supplies. Let us know which day you will come, and which remedies you will be making. or 1-801-360-0749
Space is limited and these workshops ALWAYS fill up, so if this is something you feel prompted to do, don't get left behind. Workshops held at 125 West Oak Drive, Woodland Hills, Utah. Most people can make 3 or 4 remedies during a workshop.

Listed below are the remedies you have the option to make.  Prioritize and choose what you should get started on.

Workshop #1
Herbal Cough Syrup
This is a combination of several cough formulas that we have meshed together into one. Especially for those chronic persistent coughs. This formula has gone through over 20 years of refining.
Cost: $75 for ½ gallon
Fallout Formula

This formula was designed for the treatment of exposure to toxins, poisons and radiation exposure. This will not prevent radiation, toxins or poisons from entering your body, but may assist in the elimination of toxins or the harmful effects of a variety of undesirable exposures. See Dr. Christensen's Article on Fallout Preparations - A More Natural Approach for further information.
Cost: $90 for ½ gallon

Super Immune Syrup
This is an Echinacea-based formula that is a powerful immune stimulant that tastes wonderful. Unlike, the Anti-Plague Formula, children (and adults) love this syrup (it has the taste of cinnamon and maple syrup).
Cost: $95 for ½ gallon

Lung Formula
This is natures asthma inhaler. It opens the bronchial passages as well as heals and promotes easier breathing.
Cost: $75 for ½ gallon

Brain Circulation - Memory Formula
A great aid for mental fogginess, poor memory, stroke recovery or for an afternoon mental pick-me-up. The herbs in this formula promote more blood and oxygen circulation to the brain. The primary herb in this formula, Ginko, is prescribed by more doctors in Germany and France than any pharmaceutical drug
Cost: $70 for ½ gallon

Intestinal Detox
This formula is used to cleanse, purify and detoxify the colon, bowels and intestines. Intestinal Detox soothes and strengthens the entire intestinal tract. Intestinal Detox is a strong purifier and intestinal vacuum, helping to draw out old fecal matter from the walls of the colon and from any bowel pockets. Intestinal Detox is uniquely formulated to soften old fecal matter for easy elimination. It aids in the removal of poisons, toxins, parasites and heavy metals. It is also used as a remedy for intestinal inflammation such as diverticulitis, colitis or irritable bowel syndrome. This product is also used effectively for diarrhea or food poisoning. Intestinal Detox can be used in powder or capsule form
Cost: $40 per quart

Intestinal Cleanse
Dr. Christopher's classic herbal laxative. We have found it best to purchase Dr. Christopher Fen LB powder and encapsulate it yourself with an efficient capsule machine and empty capsules. It is nice to have a capsule machine and empties on hand for other projects as well. Includes capsule machine, gelatin capsules and Fen LB powder.
Cost: $80

Nerve Calm Formula
This form is both a sedative and anti-spasmodic designed to relax, sedate and relieve tension and muscle spasm. For insomnia and anxiety. Can be used with children.
Cost: $90 for ½ gallon

Nerve Repair Formula
This formula helps to wake up the nervous system. It stimulates the nerves to work better and also stimulates the healing and repair of damaged nerve tissues. Recommended for anxiety, panic attacks, nervous tension and degenerative nervous system conditions. Also excellent for nerve pain such as sciatica or "pinched nerve."
Cost: $70 for ½ gallon

Pain Relief Formula
Non-narcotic pain relief, particularly suited for chronic pain. Relaxes and calms nervous irritation. Understand that the best natural herb for pain is opium - which is not a natural option. While this remedy does not have the pain relieving power of opium, it has helped many who suffer.
Cost: $95 for ½ gallon

Workshop #2
Anti-Plague Formula
Based on Dr. Christopher's original formula (before it was changed). Use for a general immune stimulant and builder. Also cleanses, detoxifies and is anti-parasitic. In our Remedies Class we make the 1.5 gallon recipe.
Cost: $165 for 1.5 gallon recipe.

Essiac Tea
This is the classic formula that has been used successfully for those treating a myraid of health conditions. Powerful enough for it's classic use of treating cancers, but gentle enough that it is our number one remedy for teenage acne. A great liver builder and detoxifier.
Cost: $60 - enough to make 10 gallons of tea. Standard dose is ¼ cup of tea per day.

Healing Ointment
This powerful healing ointment is based on Dr. john Christopher's classic Bone, Flesh & Cartilage formula. We spike this formula with extra comfrey to enhance the healing effects. This is an olive oil based remedy thickened with beeswax.
Cost: $85 for ½ gallon

Healing Syrup
Our Healing Ointment in a liquid internal use version. Use to heal damaged tissues from fracture, injuries and a multitude of other problems.
Cost: $90 for ½ gallon

Fire & Ice Ointment 
Rub directly into the muscle or joints that suffer from pain or injury. Use for Sprains, Strains, Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, and general aches. Thicken with beeswax for an ointment or leave as an oil. This is a very potent and powerful formula.
Cost: $115 for just under 3 quarts

Kidney Bladder Formula
Disinfects the urinary tract, reduces edema (swelling). Use for urinary tract infections, or other kidney/urinary disorders.
Cost: $70 for ½ gallon

Kidney Bladder Tea
Disinfects the urinary tract, reduces edema (swelling). Use for urinary tract infections, or other kidney/urinary disorders. This tasty tea can be enjoyed on a daily or weekly basis to maintain good urinary tract health.
Cost: $60 for 2 quarts of dry tea

Liver Detox Tea
Acts to detoxify the liver, stimulate the digestive system and cleanse the blood, skin, liver and gallbladder. As the liver function improves energy will increase. An excellent replacement for coffee.
Cost: $70 for 2 quarts of dry tea

Liver/Gallbladder Formula
These herbs are best known for their ability to stimulate, cleanse and protect the liver and gallbladder as well as rid the body of parasites. Use for any liver concern. Also boosts energy.
Cost: $80 for ½ gallon

Stone Dissolve Tea
The success of this herbal routine has been documented with pre and post x-rays and has helped many avoid surgery. For kidney stones, gravel, and gallstones. Make into a tea with apple cider. Comes with instructions. If kidney stones are in your world - you must have this on hand.
Cost: $40 per quart.

Workshop #3
Garden Tonic

This universal remedy is a must for your next cold, flu or sniffle.  You will be absolutely amazed at how powerful this formula is in attacking that actual problem and not just covering up your symptoms.  Take it straight, in juice or V8, put a squirt in your next soup or salad, there are so many ways you can use it. Contains: Fresh Garlic, horseradish, onion, ginger and cayenne in a base of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.
Cost: $40 - This formula will not be available until fresh horseradish is in season.

Herbal Snuff
For sinus congestion, sinusitis or any chronic sinus problem. Saved many from sinus surgery.   Like the name implies, you literally snuff or snort these powdered herbs up your nose.  Kind of intense, but it really works!
Cost: $35

Hawthorn Berry Syrup
This tasty natural syrup is claimed to be a curative remedy for organic and functional heart disorders such as rapid and feeble heart action, hypertrophy, valvular insufficiency sufficiency, and heart oppression. It also happens to taste really good.
Cost: $70
Super C Formula
The ultimate herbal Vitamin C concoction, with added ascorbic acid for an extra kick. Use for a potent source of herbs high in the vitamin C complex.
Cost: $90 

Weight Loss Formula
Along with proper exercise and diet, this is a great formula to increase your energy and help shed those extra pounds.
Cost: $90
Female Tonic

This hormone balancing in women relieves PMS and menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, bloating, anxiety, depression, vaginal dryness, uterine fibroids, abnormal pap smears, abnormal or painful menstrual periods.
Cost: $80
Male Tonic
This tonic is to assist in healthy prostate function, testosterone balance and overall health.
Cost: $70
Sleep Remedy
This non-addictive, gentle sleep syrup will help both body and mind to relax allowing you to drift off to sleep.  Helps with insomnia and other sleep disorders. You will not wake up groggy or feeling drugged with this all natural remedy.
Cost: $70
Herbal Tooth Paste
Use for gingivitis, pyorrhea, or any other tooth or gum problem or simply for normal tooth brushing. 
Cost: $25
Anti-Parasite Formula
This formula is safe and very effective.  Parasites are far more common than we would like to think. Use for 3 to 4 weeks to destroy and eliminate harmful intestinal parasites.
Cost: $75

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