Friday, April 11, 2014

Withstanding Our Trials

Withstanding Our Trials
Dr. Kyle D. Christensen, DC, ND,MH

Sometimes, I will hear someone say, in an attempt to support and comfort another, "God will not give us any challenge or trial that is greater than we have the ability to handle." The inference is "come on, hang in there, you are stronger than you may realize." 

While the sentiment to comfort may be well meaning, what a bunch of malarkey this is.  The truth and reality is:  We have had, and will have in the future, challenges and trials and heartaches that are so great, that are so overwhelming and so beyond our ability, that the only way we can survive them with any semblance of sanity is with the support, comfort and guidance of God and Christ. 

I believe that God allows trials and hardships in our lives in order to provide us with the opportunity to come to him.  As our lives seem to unravel and come apart, we cry out for help, for comfort or support.  While few of our prayers are answered with the miracles we may seek.  I have found in my own life that comfort and peace can distill upon our hearts and lend meaning and purpose to our suffering.  Sometimes we are given a more divine perspective and understanding of the eternal nature of our soul and our relationships with others which can give us the strength to carry on with a cheerful attitude. 

As the world and the society in which we live continues to decline, I anticipate that we will witness an increasing crescendo of disasters, both natural and man-made. The world before us is like no other in the history of mankind.  Evil schemes designed to rob us of health, liberty and happiness abound. I believe that it is through our faith in God we will be able to traverse the billowing storms that seek to encompass us. 

As we weather life's storms, we do become stronger.  We can also gain the experience and understanding to bless the lives of others.  Like many of you, I have found that we can become the hands of God and Christ in each others lives.  As we render quiet acts of compassion and support to those put within the circle of our influence, we can all be lifted together.  For truly, we are all in this together. 

Life is hard.  It is not just or fair.  But I promise you there can be meaning and purpose in our suffering.  I challenge each of us to make the decision to view your difficulties as part of your spiritual journey.  If any addiction (ie. Sugar) is getting the best of you, call upon strength, support or insight to conquer this demon.  Quit thinking you have to overcome everything on your own.  Draw from the deep spiritual resources that lie within each of us.

Dr. Kyle Christensen
March 25, 2014 

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