Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gettin' Ready for the Storm

Gettin' Ready for the Storm

As we prepared to enter into our Fall Harvest Season, our minds are turned toward preparing needful things. While many seem to be oblivious to the storm clouds gathering about us, others of us can see the potential for times of scarcity and change.  

 I encourage each of us to get healthy.  Too many have gone down the path of poor health and addiction.  Wonderful people that we dearly love, who cannot live without Diet Coke or sleeping pills, or sugary treats.  I see too many in their 40's, 50's and 60's stuffing their mouths with food and drink they know is not healthy and with full mouths complaining about their arthritis and diabetes, their whacked out hormones, their fat bodies and their irritable dispositions.  

And I am certainly no help, because I talk about lifestyle changes, spending time in the kitchen and going to bed on time.  "But can't you just give me a supplement that will make me healthy?!"  NO! I can't.  You think it is difficult teaching a kid about natural consequences of their behavior, try teaching an unhealthy addicted adult!  After 50 years of being brainwashed by the medical media that there is a pill or drug for anything that ails ya, (even though medicines track record screams of the contrary), getting someone to make even minor changes can be monumental.  

Fortunately, I have been blessed to see many people who have had enough.  They have learned that fast-foods and pharmaceutical do not lead you down the path of long-term health.  Our bodies do not demand perfection or exactness in diet or lifestyle.  But, we do need to be eating healthy MOST of the time.  I give people the 18 meals per week rule.  3 meals a day, 7 days a week equals 21 meals.  18 of those should be healthy.  That means the 3 of those meals can be absolute stinkers.  However, if you skip a meal - that counts as one of your bad meals.   Snacks between meals should be healthy. And do I even need to tell you the Diet Coke , the daily candy or whatever else you are addicted to has got to go.

Listen, I don't make up the rules for health.  I am more of an observer trying to figure things out and helping point out what I think can help.  I really am on your side.  Some people are born with rock solid constitutions and can get away with all kinds of physical abuses and indulgences.  Chances are if you are reading this - that is not you.  Others take impeccable care of themselves and still struggle with their health.  Luck of the draw or prearranged lessons for mortality?  Yet many have sown the seeds of a broken down bodies and premature aging through long years of reckless habits and addictions.  

Can we turn this around?  I don't know.  Maybe.  Not if you don't grow up and start acting like an adult. Can you give up your addictions and vices? Do you love your caffeine and sugar more than enjoying the future lives of your grandkids?  What is it going to take for you to get it?  What cracks me up is that so many people don't exercise, eat like crap, are constantly vacillating between stimulants and sedative and complain like their bodies have betrayed them and they are innocent victims of their failing health - as if their body somehow should have been able to put up with endless abuses and neglect  and remained youthful and vibrant.

Natural Consequences - remember.  

Do you understand, this world is unraveling. If you haven't opened your eyes already, take a look around you.  You think that just because we live in the United States, that we some how will always enjoy charmed lives with abundance and prosperity.  Our economy, our government and just about every aspect of modern life is careening  out of control.  Just because things haven't crashed yet doesn't mean they won't.  Just because we have never experienced the direct effects of a famine and scarcity, doesn't mean we are immune.  

We are like spoiled kids (I include myself) - I've seen a lot of them of all ages.  And trust me, the adults are the worst.  As good parents, we will allow our children to stumble and fall.  We will allow them to fail and learn lessons the hard way (of course doing our best to keep them safe).  We know that the child who is indulged can become a monster.  Something for nothing and Entitlements have twisted and warped our generations resulting in a self-absorbed, narcissistic populace who care primarily for themselves, their gratification, recreation and luxury.  What have we become?!

In ancient times, the prophet Isaiah, describes a future time when good would be called evil and evil good.  He also describes that there will come a time of entire separation from those that follow the path of truth and those who remain deceived.  Those who maintain and live true principles will be spared the destruction awaiting those who  have chosen the road of apparent ease. 

I promise you, there is coming a day of reckoning.  Whether we experience this individually or en masse, we will experience the consequences of our actions, attitudes and behaviors for good or ill.  I plead with each of you (myself included), to turn away from that which is not true.  Turn away from foods, drinks, and lifestyle practices that  are enslaving not only your body but your soul.  Addictions are selfish masters that care only for themselves.  Addictions blind your mind so that you cannot see, feel and hear the subtle whisperings of your conscience.  It is only through this inner voice, this voice of the spirit, that we will be able to negotiate the stormy seas, which are at our shores.  

It is time.  We no longer have the luxury to procrastinate.  It will be hard to put off the enticements of a pleasure seeking and convenient loving society and culture.  We must immerse and surround ourselves with that which is good, nourishing and edifying.  Your motivation has got to come from within.  You cannot making lasting change because someone else is pressuring or nagging you.  

Let me guide you and help you if you don't know where to start.  We truly are all in this together. Rally together with those within the circle of your influence.  Listen to and follow that inner spirit of truth.  Please come back. 


Dr. Kyle Christensen

August 17, 2013

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