Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Glory Bee Group Buy

Once again we will place an order with Glory Bee.  Anything in their catalog is available.  You will get wholesale prices + your share of shipping + sales tax.  You can go to Glory Bee to look at their inventory - Food, Oils, Nuts, Grains, Honey, Beekeeping and Craft supplies.  
Listed below are some of the items many of us are considering for a purchase. These are catalog wholesale prices (w/o shipping or tax).  If you'd like to come by and go through the wholesale catalog, just give me or Trish and call to come by.

Our last order had some items less expensive than what was listed.  Yeah!! But this also means that we may occasionally have something come in higher than listed.  So all prices should be considered approximate.

Coconut oil (not organic) - 1 gallon pail - $14.10 (I'm interested to try this oil out as a inexpensive source to put into our storage)
Coconut oil Organic - 1 gallon pail - $25.59
Coconut oil - raw extra virgin - 1 gallon - $45.47
Olive Oil - Extra Virgin-Organic - 1 gallon - $27.76
Palm Oil - organic - 1 gallon - $17.00

Corn Grits (Polenta)Bob's Red Mill 25# $32.80
Hulled Millet #50 - $36.83
Rye Berries #50 - $13.53
Hulled White Sesame seeds #5 - $13.50

Raw Whole Almonds - #25 - $160.88 (we could split this)
Organic Cashews whole - #25 - $215.35
Peanuts - Dry roasted, unsalted - #30 - $73.90
Pecans - #5 - $39.84
Walnuts - Halves - #25 - $181.00

Crystalized Ginger - #11 - $56.74
Dark Brown Cane Sugar - organic - #50 - 79.25
Medium Golden Brown Sugar - not organic - #50 - $44.34
Grade B Maple Syrup - 1 gallon jug - $68.69
Raw Honey - 11.67 pound pail - $40.87

We are not limited to these item, but can get anything in the catalog or that is on the website.  

Some in our group are ordering beekeeping supplies. 

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  1. I have a friend who has high quality oils that are not connected with a business with an upline, so they don't need to be priced so high. Her name is Cecilia Salvesen and she is an expert in aroma therapy. I don't know if she does group buys but having used both expensive oils and her oils I find they perform the same.

    Cecilia Salvesen's
    Natural Apothecary
    890 Quail Valley Dr.
    Provo, Ut 84604
    Her phone number is 801-434-5467.
    Here's a link to her price list:

    Also I wondered if we might want to look into
    getting a San Francisco Herb Company group